About Us

Wild Quartz Wellness is a holistic healing space with a mission to assist YOU in upleveling your life and living with more ease, spaciousness, and joy. 

We believe in a holistic approach to health in that your mental/emotional/spiritual stresses affect and show up in your physical body just like physical stresses; typically through tension, discomfort, and illness. Massage + energywork are very effective at releasing stored physical and energetic "stress" and assist your body in returning to its natural balance.

Side effects may include: feeling deeply relaxed, getting "blissed out", compulsive smiling... :)  We also love to incorporate essential oils, crystals, and sound healing. 

It's our intention that you'll feel safe, seen, heard, and supported when you walk through our doors. Your highest joy and healing is at the forefront of every treatment and it is our hope that you will leave each session feeling lighter in mind, body, + spirit. 

Your Therapist

Nikky Lindsley, LMT

Growing up, I always knew I was meant to help people, I just didn't know exactly "how". I don't think I have ever wanted to do anything else (with the exception of when I wanted to be a semi-truck driver at age 7 after seeing a female truck driver on a roadtrip). To be quite honest, I feel as though I've lived lifetimes as a healer and I am so delighted to be here, now, assisting people like you find more joy and healing through massage therapy + energywork. 

I intentionally fill our treatment space with high frequency, vibrational energy personalized for you. It is my intention to assist you in lightening your load, so to speak; to soothe your physical body, while also realigning and rebalancing your energetic bodies. This energetic work promotes your body's own innate healing capabilities, the effects of which last long after your session.

It brings me great joy to assist you and I look forward to connecting with you soon. 

Lots of Love <3