About Us

Wild Quartz Wellness is a holistic healing space here to assist YOU in upleveling your life + living with more ease, spaciousness, and joy.

We believe in a holistic approach to health in that your mental/emotional/spiritual stresses affect and show up in your physical body just like physical stresses; most commonly as tension, discomfort, and illness. Massage + energy work are very effective at releasing stored physical and energetic stress and gently assist your body in returning to your natural balance.

We invite in the magic and healing energy of plant medicines through essential oils as well as ceremonial grade cacao, a medicinal superfood known for enhancing connection + feelings of well being, soothing the nervous system, as well as opening the heart. 

It's our intention that you'll feel safe, seen, heard, and supported when you walk through our doors. If you are seeking more spaciousness in mind, body, or spirit, we are here for you and would be honored to be part of your journey. <3

Nominated for Best Massage Therapist in Anchorage Press Picks 2018

Your Therapist


Nikky Lindsley, LMT

I'm an Alaskan transplant who is continually captivated by the beauty and magic of Alaska. I love being out in nature, most often biking on our beautiful trails or hiking our majestic mountains. I'm also a "personal transformation junkie" and love helping people feel better inside and out. 

I utilize my natural intuition in combination with my knowledge of the body, as well as drawing from my own journey and experience with inner work + personal transformation. I love working with energy and have intentionally created a safe and sacred space for healing filled with high frequency, vibrational energy. You'll notice crystals and items from nature around the office, some of which were collected personally on trips out in the wilds of Alaska. 

I'm so delighted to be living my dream providing holistic healing through massage therapy + energy work.  Whether you decide to come in or not, I wish you lots of love and many blessings. <3