Our Story

The idea for Wild Quartz Wellness was initially born in 2011 while I was in college. It was the inkling of creating a place where people could come and be supported in changing their lives, a journey that I was beginning at that time. I was deeply interested in organic, whole food nutrition, exercise, reducing toxic household products, and had a huge desire to understand myself better. I was devouring self-help and personal development books and learning about all kinds of systems of self-study like astrology, numerology, and the I Ching, later to include MBTI (Myers Briggs), Human Design, and the Gene Keys. After graduating college in 2012 with a degree in Sociology, I was left curious as to where I "fit" in terms of what I wanted to do for work. A friend introduced me to the idea of massage therapy school and the rest is history. JK :)

When I started massage school, I immediately knew that this was the profession that I was born to be in. I felt like it was a natural extension of who I was. I would be so tuned in massaging friends and family that time felt like it ceased to exist - I found myself checking the time and it had been three hours and felt like one.

I refer to Wild Quartz as being her own "entity" with an energy that is separate from my own and I could feel her presence while I was finishing school; reminding me of my dream to create a place to support people who were desiring to transform their lives and their health. 


Over the years I've studied many different layers of holistic health and wellness and have been on a deep journey of my own growth and transformation. I am deeply passionate about the body and about each of our body's ability to heal. I'm passionate about remembering and reclaiming this knowledge to take our lives back into our own hands.

I believe each of us has the ability to learn deeply from ourselves and that we already have everything we need within us to create an epic life that lights us up.

This current expression of Wild Quartz Wellness is rooted in massage therapy that is both deeply relaxing as well as therapeutic. I integrate guided visualizations to reconnect your mind to your body and what is going on there. We breathe. We re-calibrate where you are, with your natural state of being. We slow down the mind with intentional presence and we harmonize your nervous system; creating more ease and a greater sense of peace and inner calm. We co-create supportive practices that assist you in cultivating this state of being outside of the massage room. 

I am always learning and exploring new ways to support you on your journey and already have a few things in the works to add even more depth to your sessions here in the future. I truly desire to assist my clients in creating more ease in your lives, in whatever way that looks for you. It's not just something to be found on the massage table, but is a state of being that spills out into every area of your life.