Integrative Massage

Experience a blend of therapeutic massage, guided relaxation techniques, and essential oils. Sessions may also include cupping, energy work, and/or sound healing with crystal bowls, healing songs, and/or mantras.

60 Minutes - $95   

90 Minutes - $140  

Two Hours - $185

Three Hours - $280

Three hour sessions open with time to talk + connect about what's bringing you in and where you are feeling stuck. Then you'll get the full treatment: our unique style of holistic bodywork (including guided breathwork + more), a full energywork session, sound healing with multiple instruments + voice, and we'll close with time to check in on where you're at and anything that came up during the session.  You may also choose to begin the session with a mug of heart opening, ceremonial drinking cacao for an additional $22. 

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Medical/Insurance Massage

This massage incorporates a blend of medical massage, deep tissue, and sports massage techniques to assist you in recovering from an injury or when massage has been prescribed by your doctor as complementary care. Sessions include essential oils and may also include cupping.

60 Minutes

We are happy to check if massage therapy is covered by your health plan! 

To get started, call or text Nikky at (760) 523-8500 or by email at

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Personal Cacao Ceremony

We'll drop in together for a personal version of our group cacao ceremonies. We will drop in with a cup of hot ceremonial drinking chocolate and connect, heart to heart. You'll receive support and guidance around what is on your heart and leave with tips and supportive practices to take home with you.

While each ceremony is unique, yours may include: 

Guided Meditation

Essential Oils

Oracle Cards

Sound Bath with Crystal Bowls

Breath Work

Vocal Activation

90 Minutes - $77

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