Your Therapist


Nikky Lindsley, LMT

I'm an Alaskan transplant who is in love with life, nature, yoga, and my bike.

I am a heart-centered, intuitive healer; listening to your body, tuning into what it needs, and creating sessions that nourish you in body, mind, and spirit. 

I am fascinated and in awe of the human body and love to geek out about all things bodywork, energy, breath, spirituality, cacao, essential oils, sound healing, movement, and holistic health. 

I am passionate about personal growth and transformation and I believe that everything we need to create the lives we dream of is already inside of us. 

Some might say I'm a hippie, I say I'm deeply connected to Gaia (Mother Earth). 

Nominated for Best Massage Therapist in Anchorage Press Picks 2018