Massage Testimonials


Nikky your massages are magic! You have such a warm, welcoming presence that instantly allows people to relax. Your technique is the perfect balance between gentle and firm, and you have such a skill for knowing where all the areas of my body hold tension and releasing them with minimal discomfort. I felt like I was floating on a bliss cloud once you finished! My body was so grateful for that massage. Thank you so much, you have such a beautiful gift!  - Cassie


 Nikky is a healer of healers. An absolute master of emotional and energetic clearing for those who need it most, and for those who may not even know they need it. She has an incredible intuitive ability to tap into the needs of the body and spirit, and create space for more ease and wellness in mind and body. Working with Nikky is much more than just body work, it is a spiritual experience that brings you closer to your self by clearing old energy and inviting joy and love back into the tissue and cells. Her business, Wild Quartz Wellness, is paving the way for how energy work will support this generation and next in connecting more deeply to our body and spirit. This is work that must be experienced and felt to be understood, and I couldn’t recommend Nikky and Wild Quartz Wellness more highly. Thank you Nikky, for stepping fully into this gift and sharing your blessing with us, it’s exactly what the world needs 🙏🏼❤️🌎🌱 

- Adam


Thank you, Nikky Lindsley, for your incredible hands of light! You have the powerful gift of BEING when you do massage which I have only witnessed twice in massage therapists all around the world. This combined with your professional medical knowledge makes you the best LMT far beyond Anchorage. Folks, if you have a chance to book a session with her, you will be very thrilled! Love you, ArchAngel Sister! 

- Michaela


Thank you so much Nikky for the wonderful massage. It was so much needed. I love how you took the time to ask me questions before hand. You work wonders with your hands and your energy totally comes through while I was on the table. I've had a lot of massages over the years and I can tell a big difference with you. YOU know your stuff and really pay attention to detail. I'm really glad I said yes to having you drum over me at the end of my massage. Thank you for all the tips you gave me for the areas that need a lot of work on my body. My posture thanks you. I would so come and get a weekly massage from you if I lived in town. So next time I fly in I will definitely be booking another 90 minute massage.

-Shelli aka Mama :)


 Because of my crazy schedule, the only time I can schedule a massage without having to miss work is early evenings on weekdays or late afternoons on the weekend. Nikky not only offers some late weekday appointments, but also on the weekends so it is much easier to get an appointment.

She is always prepared for the session - I have never had to wait for her to arrive or to get the room set up. The room is very relaxing - not too hot or too cold, just the right amount of lighting, and the location is convenient with ample parking. Her rates are very reasonable and lower most others I have been to.

it is obvious that she has a passion for her work. It seems each time she works on me, she is telling me about something she has learned that she can use in her practice to help heal people and she is always willing to answer any questions.

As far as her skill and training - I've had tight muscles for several years and after just 3 or 4 sessions my range of motion has increased dramatically and the muscles are much quicker to relax. I've had somewhere around 30 massage therapists work on me after 2 car accidents and multiple muscle strains over the years and she is definitely in the top five! She isn't someone who went to school and passed the exams and is a massage robot. She pays attention to how the muscles are running, how the fascia feels, how the body is reacting to the massage, and will modify the amount of pressure and technique for the best results.

I highly recommend booking an appointment with her. You won't regret it.



Powerful therapy. Powerful healer. Nikky is pure love and her massages are the best I've ever had. Thanks Nikky🙏



  This women is hands down excellent at what she does. Seeing Nikky is the highlight of my week! She heals things I didn't know hurt. Amazing! 



 Best massage I’ve received!

Amazing results 



 Not only does Nikky give the best massages, she also gives off the best vibes and energy! You can tell that she loves what she does and genuinely wants to help people feel physically and emotionally better! I would recommend Nikky to anyone who needs some good vibes and a great massage! 

- Sasha


 Nikky is amazing! I am always so calm and relaxed after my massages with her. 

- Kary


 A mix between the best of many types of massage and physical therapy/body work. Incredible! 



 Nikky has worked with me several times on my chronic neck and upper back pain. She has amazing attention to detail and seems to know exactly what needs to be done, every time, to lower my pain and stiffness levels. As a fellow massage therapist, I can attest personally that Nikky's competence and care levels are second to none. You are in good hands with Nikky. Pun intended.  

- Chris


 Nikky is amazing and always knows just the right way to make you feel relaxed and energized! If you have to look around for a Massage Therapist, look no further! I can't wait until my next session with her!  



By far my favorite place! I wish I would have found Nikky years ago..I've been getting massages for years and have yet to find someone who is as passionate/knowledgeable about their craft as much as her. Quality, professional and comfortable. 

- Michael


I've had two sessions with Nikky and I plan on going back on a regular basis.  Very good massage.  Between my first and second visit Nikky researched the problem area I have and did a great job attacking it.  Altogether a wonderful experience. 

- Greg


 Nikky is amazing. For 8 weeks I remodeled a small house after work and on weekends. I was simply worn out. One session with Nikky and I feel 10 years younger. I will be going back. #clientforlife

- Mike


Amazing, experienced and professional! Attention to detail and techniques.